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Rovince, your partner against the tick


Rovince, the specialist in tick-resistant clothing! The fastest growing producer/wholesaler within Europe with a 100% focus on ticks and tick prevention through professional protective clothing. This result is due to our innovative capacity, fully certified tick-resistant clothing lines and, most of all, enthusiastic, skilled and professional staff.


Rovince UK has been set up to distribute the professional range of ZECK-Protec tick resistant clothing.  The tick-resistant clothing manufactured by Rovince has been established in Europe for over 5 years and is made unique through the use of the patented ZECK-Protec coating.


ZECK-Protec is a sophisticated tick protection that has been developed initially for professional use but can equally be worn by anyone participating in outdoor activities such as Estate workers, farm workers, country sports, ramblers/walkers, fishermen, bushcraft and campers etc. 


Rovince clothing is impregnated with this tick-resistant protection during production and tests in the EU have shown ZECK-Protec to be 98% effective against tick bites. All tick-resistant clothing sold by Rovince requires no further treatment in its lifetime.  ZECK-Protec is therefore very suitable for heavy professional use. Rovince staff in the UK strongly recommends anybody taking part in outdoor activities to regularly check themselves for attatched ticks! Should you find at tick, correct removal is very important.





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